Excellence in Fire Resistant Fabrics

Our Protect Product Lines

Carolina Fire Resistant fabrics

Carolina Fire Resistant

Fire Resistant fabrics designed to protect against electrical or fire related risks.

Carolina Non FR fabrics

Carolina Non FR

Fabrics designed for industrial uniforms, with a wide range of colors and finishes according to the specific needs of every industry.

Carolina Antistatic fabrics

Carolina Antistatic

Fabrics specifically used for electrostatic dissipation, which protect from damage during equipment assembly, prevent contamination, fire and explosions.


Our brands, positioned in the market, offer quality products that qualify us as an essential company and provide multiple solutions to the medical industry.

Protect Your Workers

Carolina Protect FR® fabrics are fire resistant, excellent for the prevention of accidents in various industries and sectors such as:

Underwriters Laboratories


We are committed with you, your safety and that of your employees. We use high quality raw materials, we treat the cotton at a molecular level ensuring that fire resistant characteristics will remain for the life of the garment to provide protection, comfort and durability. 

Our quality is supported by the prestigious laboratory UL Inc. (Underwriters Laboratories), as well as for compliance and certification of national and international standards.


Every industry branch demands protection specifications to provide maximum safety to workers. It is important that the fabric of your choice is 100% compliant with the requirements of your industry, allowing you to get the level of safety and quality needed.

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